Artist Statement

Is it still possible, in our digital world of infinite data, that there is still a way to misstep into something secret and magical, then escape to tell off it? Would people believe it? Strange stories about a world full of arcane magic, and strange beings, and faerie tricksters, and wandering spirits, and all manner of creeping things that go bump in the night? Something, or somewhere, a person passes and when they turn to look again? It’s gone. The sort of things spoken about in hushed voices around campfires and the gentle sing-song whispers of a child’s faerie tale.

Why just tell these stories? Why not inspire them?

I aim to inspire new folklore with my work. I build beings, places, and experiences that feel as if someone is seeing the most brief sliver of a more mysterious, more fantastical world. For a fleeting moment, I am to give people the feeling that what they’re seeing should not be real; yet it is there all the same.

I use whatever materials are needed and available.

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Jake Wakefield
Birthdate: August 7th, 1985

Email: [email protected]
Nationality: United States


Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Concentration in Graphic Design and Illustration) — Colorado State University. Minor in Art History. Additional studies in: metalsmithing, fabrication, drawing, and painting.

Festival and Event Art

2019 —  Hosted The Teadome at Camp Dustea Pickle, a placed venue at 6:45 + Bacchus (Manside) in Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada.

2019 — Art grant, placed art (The Crone) at Sunburn, a Burning Man sanctioned regional event outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

2019 — Placed art (The Crone) at Apogaea, a Burning Man sanctioned regional event outside of Valdez, Colorado.

2018 — Inaugural year of The Teadome at Camp Dustea Pickle. Walk in camp at intersection of 7:45 + I (Manside) at Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada.

Performance and Interactive Art

2017 — The “Proper Grandmas” — 2017 Apogaea gifting performance.

2012-2017 — The Grimkin — Stilt walker performer. Several locations including Burning Man, Apogaea, Sunburn and various locations and events in Colorado.


2017 — Dragonfly Mating Ritual — An interactive art project lead by the Rocky Mountain High Flyer’s Guild.

2017 — Like It Was Yesterday — A podcast sharing childhood nostalgia created by Deer Shaw Comedy.

2012-2015 — Poudre Studio Artist — Member of Fort Collins’ largest artist collective and shared studio space.