Design and

Art Direction

Roles: Conceptualization, Art Direction, Digital Ad Design, Email Design, Web and Landing Page Design, Print Design

This campaign was created as a cooperative effort between Wakegraphic and Iron-Point Marketing. The projects was built as a multi-touch nurturing track sent to Iron-Point’s carfully curated B2B mailing list.

The design project’s goal was to promote Iron-Points services, specifically in fall. It would keep the agency on the minds of marketers, other creative agencies, and B2C companies during the Halloween season. The theme came to us quickly. In marketing automation, the battle against dead leads seems to be unending. More and more pop up, like undead zombie hordes in many horror movies. We took the classic Halloween trope and expanded on it for our campaign.

The campaign ran for about two months, connecting with the audience through email, targeted ads, and through social media. It ended around Halloween, with hopes of converting leads in the new year. The hottest leads in this campaign would receive a mailer containing the marketing survival guide featured below and gift package.

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